In the middle of a very strange first date (that now happens to be one heck of a story) I was asked “So what exactly are you running from?”.

It took me a few seconds to try and understand exactly what this man was trying to get across. I replied “In what regard do you mean?”. And very quickly he said “Anyone who runs as much as you do is clearly running away from something”.

I am realizing more and more that those who do not understand the purpose of running for pure fun and enjoyment will always question what in my life I am running away from. A simple answer of “This is what I enjoy doing with my time,” will never be enough for these types of people. They will never understand what it means to go out for a few hours with nothing but your own thoughts to process everything that is going on in your life. They will never understand the emotional release that happens within the miles. They will never see the beauty of the sun coming up on a warm August morning or see the sparkle effect that frost leaves on everything in the middle of winter. The beauty that surrounds us and the streets that are left to be discovered by foot not by car.

Running is not just something to do to run away from your problems. It may be what you turn to when all else seems broken. And within those broken moments you begin to realize just how strong and capable you are. That nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to try and that failure does not exist, but failing to try is the true enemy.

It has opened up this entirely new world for me. One where limits are tested, new records are set, and the only time I am failing is if I fall to a preset limit and refuse to try. And as I enter into the planning phase of my 2019 running season, I am fully reminded of all of this. Especially as I begin to chase bigger dreams and goals, and really lean into the art of falling short of a goal. So my question is this: What terrifies you enough to want to try and fail in the process?

Until next time
-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


One thought on “What are you running from?

  1. You speak poetically about the human response to self process while in human form. Thank you for your honesty and clarity while processing self in the world we find ourselves in. Run forward while experiencing grace and growth. Those of us who run metaphorically appreciate your journey while moving at the pace we were designed for. You inspire and encourage without censor or judgement. Run your race!


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