I just learned that the third week in January is “National Healthy Weight Week”.  And in some regard, it blows my mind that this is a week long occurrence within our society. This is because when I think of society’s view of healthy weight, the first thing I think of is the BMI chart. Let’s all be real honest right now, that chart is a bunch of bullshit (sorry mom). I don’t normally swear within my writing, but this is the one thing that makes me more frustrated than anything else.

BMI is a broken system. Don’t believe me? Then try researching exactly what its intended purpose was. And then look at what it says about me from a numbers standpoint in regards to my life, or for yourself. The BMI chart takes your height and your weight and calculates a number that classifies you into various categories.  For myself, currently at 5 feet 7 inches tall and 209 pounds, the BMI scale has me classified as 32.7, which places me in the obese stage 1 category.

If you looked at me without knowing these numbers, you would not think to place me in this category. And this is why the system is broken. So to those who are still using this method as a way to designate if you are healthy, please for the love of all things, STOP. You are more then this number. You are more then the number on the scale. You are more then looking like a certain body type.

But when we look at what healthy weight week looks like from a positive aspect, we can see it as a week that begins to promote healthy habits in regards to our health, especially in a week where most new year resolutions crumble. Check out this video I found from a group in Vermont who are promoting this week in a beautiful light:


From these two very different aspects here is what I leave you with: Find what your own healthy weight looks like. Remember that it is going to look different on each person. Just like an image that traveled across the internet a few years ago, the same weight on five bodies is going to look different. Because we all are different and no one was created as a carbon copy. If you are living a balanced life, making healthy choices for you, doing activities that you love, and remembering that health and strength is a mindset, then you are doing everything you need to be doing. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Because when we let the world tell us how to live or look, we lose sight of what our true health looks like. So keep living your life according to you. Not anyone else.

Until next time
-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


One thought on “Healthy Weight Week?

  1. This is so true and a great post! BMI is garbage. I gained 30 lbs over the course of 3 years of failed fertility treatments and I’m now borderline “obese”. I’ve spent the subsquent last 2 years trying to lose a single pound without success. I’ve ran a marathon, been to naturopaths, tried online apps and even went to my regular doctor who told me dismissively that “Weight Watchers works, you must not have followed the program.” The only nice thing she said was she would give me the referral to a certified dietician. I met with this dietician who said to me, “you eat healthy and you’re active. Weight is not an indicator of health. Keeping doing what you’re doing!” I appreciate your IG posts and this is the first time I’ve read your blog. Happy 2019! Maybe I’ll see you at another race this year.


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