As October continues to march us further into fall, I am reminded that not much time remains in 2018. A year that start with endless possibilities, and what seems like a few weeks ago, is gracing us with its final presence and my favorite seasons. And with fewer than 11 weeks to go, I thought it was appropriate to check in with how my year of Believe is going.

When I entered into this year, I knew that I needed to make believe my word. I was still struggling with accepting that I was a runner, believing in my abilities and talents, and struggling to see how God could love me, let alone anyone else. So diving into a year of self-discovery within the area of believing felt like the perfect thing to do.

The first thing I did was signup for a class on singleness, because why the heck not!? Little did I know that signing up for this class would change my views on relationships/marriage, my own journey in life, and my relationship with God. It quickly helped me realize that I couldn’t wait for someone else to come into my life to truly live. My life has been in full motion for years, and I needed to realize and accept that fact. I made a list of things I wanted to do in my life- regardless of my marital status. I actively pursued my relationship with God with a fresh perspective and I decided that I needed to confront the past in order to move forward into what possibilities could be ahead. I came out of this course knowing that this life is all that I make it and it was time to fully pursue God’s plan for my life and lean into the unknown a bit.

I decided to take a renewed chance on love. To learn about what could be and how to be bold. I shared a few months ago about putting my heart on the line and sharing with someone how I felt about them. Something I do not normally do. I then put myself out in the dating world and learned some of the most valuable lessons about myself. And regardless of what has happened, I know that its all been a wonderful experience.

I shift my perspective on my health and fitness a bit. I realized that if I wanted to chase the dreams I had, I needed to fully trust those who were in my life helping guide me. For so long I took what they said and only half applied it. But when the opportunity came to be fully involved in my training and welcoming someone into my nutrition, I took it. I didn’t know how it would change my health and perspective on fitness, but it showed me that I am more then running, I am more then the number on the scale, and I am more then my own twisted view of my body. I learned how to make a training plan that worked for me, smashed every running goal I had for the year, learned more about fueling my body for running and performance, and realized that there a seasons for everything- including weightloss.

Reflecting back I know that I fully embraced the word believe within my health and fitness. I know that I can do anything I set my mind on. I believe in my ability to run fast, train effectively according to my own body’s needs, and know how to fuel for various times in my training. I learned how to open up to the professionals in my life in a way that is helping me grow more and I am so thankful for their patience with me through the years. When I say I have the best people in my life, I really do mean it. Without their guidance and insight into my health and fitness I would not be able to do what I have done this year or over the past two years.

I started to believe in my ability to make a bigger impact in this world. I work in higher education and my biggest desire in my work is to help others see how they can make an impact in this world. And through this work, it came to my attention that I needed to help myself see that potential. And I now know that part of that potential is getting a doctorate and pursuing teaching and upper level administration. I know that this is part of my calling in life. And that the world needs more people who want to help others on a larger scale, especially within higher education and the most influential time in someones life. I believe in my ability to make a difference and that I can chase something that seems slightly impossible. Because without chasing the impossible, we would never see what we are fully capable of.

And in the midst of all of this, I have learned so much more about myself. About who I am now, especially as I said goodbye to my 20’s. And about who I want to be moving forward. I’ve learned that this year has been so much more then just about believing in myself. It’s been a huge year of self-reflection and growth. And I am excited to see how the next 11 weeks unfold. Because this year isn’t over  yet and there is still so much left to explore.

Until next time
-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


One thought on “It’s about more than just believing

  1. Believing is something I need to work on myself. Maybe 2019 should be my year to believe. I think 2018 has been my year to heal. As I read what you wrote, I really longed for that feeling again. Thanks for sharing.


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