I cant understand why some people feel the need to ignore those they know. If I have learned anything over the last few years, its the power of community and the need to connect deeper with those we know. Wither its asking to meet for coffee, hanging out in groups, or simply saying hi to someone you kinda know when you see them around town. Community is important.

And in a time where we seem to be better connected with our phones over people, the need to connect with others is even great. But how can we actually take them time to put away our phones and make real life connections? How can we shift our ever evolving culture from what it currently is back to simpler times, like when we had to use a land line to call someone and we didn’t always know what people were up to?

I have thrown myself outside of my comfort zone over the last few days. I have decided to stop thinking about doing things that sound interesting and actually going after them. Last night I joined the local volee team and many people from out of town for the Thursday Night Flight Club at the Oiselle flagship store. I don’t know well with new people. I do not run well with people. And I feel that I am beyond awkward. Cue an interesting night. But I ran into a few people that I know from my team. I got to connect with them, I met a few new faces, and I went on a short run that impacted me in more ways then I thought it could. All because I decided to take a risk and stop living through my phone.

I remember the first time I went to November Project, the unsettling feeling of meeting new people AND being the slow person. There really are just something that you can’t overcome. But I met a few people and felt connected like I never had before. And I let it change my life. Week by week I continued to show up and let this community change me. They showed me what it meant to trust the goodness in others, how to try your best regardless of speed, and they empowered me to continue to chase my dream. All because I put my phone down and started making real connections with those around me.

Here is my challenge for you. Next time you are at a coffee shop, grabbing a quick lunch, or simply on a run, look up at those around you. It is easy to get trapped in our own mind, to scroll through the socials why we are in line, or to look down when we are running. The reality is we are all feeling lonely and in need of community. Strike up a conversation with the person in front of you. Say hi to every stranger you meet on your run. AND for goodnesssakes, say hello to the people you know when you run into them around town. Even if you are not best friends. Even if you have not seen them in years. Even if you wish you could shrink into a fly and leave quickly. Say hi, acknowledge their presence, and continue on your way. You might just change their entire day.

-Until next time,
Be fearless, go boldly


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