Setting goals and chasing dreams is a huge aspect of my life. In fact, I think it is a huge part of everyone’s life. If we are not setting goals or chasing dreams, are we really living our best life?

But there is a dark side to chasing dreams and goal setting. And that is the cold hard fact that life will always get in the way. We will be thrown an obstacle that we cannot overcome or something will come up that we did not even plan for.

As most of you know, I am currently chasing a dream of running a 5k in under 30 minutes. And much to my surprise, my training and planning for reaching this goal has gone very well. So well, that I am almost afraid for how much I am going to crush this goal. My speed training is paying off, I am learning how to pace myself more evenly, and everything is really clicking currently. Last week, being two weeks out from my first attempt of 2018 I was excited to see what could happen. But then life came knocking at the door.

If you live in Seattle, you have seen the transition from Winter to Spring begin to happen. The flowers are popping out of the ground, the sun is shinning a bit more, and the trees are starting to show signs of life again. You may be thinking “Thanks for the updated, Jenn, now get to the point…”, but there is purpose in this statement. You see, over the last six years or so I have developed an allergy to tree pollen. This is a common thing that can happen. But over the years, it has gotten significantly worse. To the point where random people will stop me to make sure I am OK, because I look like a wreck… Yeah. It’s that bad.

So the significance in all of this is that over the last week, the tree’s are working their magic that make Spring a wonderful time in Seattle and I am sitting in a corner trying not to lose all hope. This is the side of life that is challenging my reality. Today, I forced myself to have the tough conversation with my PT on if going all out next week is a smart thing to do. His response was perfect: “Go have fun with this one. When you are back to normal with your preparatory system, find a race and go all out for that PR!” While my heart sank a tiny bit, I was reminded that I will have many opportunities to chase this goal. I am fortunate that my livelihood does not depend on my success in races. In fact, nothing about running is a risk to the life I live. I get to do this because I love it and want to it.

In the midst of this slight week of challenge, I am realizing that beauty in rest and accepting that life is going to get in the way of our dreams and goals. It is a known fact of life that regardless of how hard we plan, nothing will go the way we want it to- Nothing. EVER. Get used to it now people, because the sooner you learn this lesson, the easier life gets. For now I am beyond grateful that I still get to run. That my training has gone well and my off season proved to be the best thing that was ever forced upon me. My goals will always be there, no matter when I try to accomplish them. Though it will not be this next race where I step up to the challenge, I know that it is going to be an amazing day. We will see what happens in the next week and the goals I want to accomplish in this upcoming race, but for now, I am on a slight break with room for growth, knowing that everything will be OK.

I hope this helps you remember that you can do anything, regardless of the delays that life tosses your way. Keep in mind that you are strong, regardless of the obstacle. Eventually you will reach your goals and dreams. Have flexibility in what life throws your way and remember to keep chasing your best self each and every day.

Until next time
-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


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