Tell me a story.

Not one of those mushy, feel good, kinda-like-a-hallmark-channel-movie-where-you-predict-the-ending type of stories.

I want one filled with grit. Heartache. Love. Trial. Determination. Resilience. And a resolve to push forward even when all else seems lost. Because these are the stories that encourage us to keep going.

Maybe one about a young women who doesn’t believe she is worthy of love or success.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Where at the very beginning of her journey to self-discovery, the man she loves disappears without a word, not even an explanation of why, leaving her to pickup the pieces of her broken heart. And instead of continuing on her journey for herself, she changes the focus to be for him.

Except, in the end she never gets him back because he doesn’t care. But she realizes she is stronger without him. And her focus shifts from gaining his approval to gaining her own.

Tell me of the time she looked death in the face. When she should have been in a plane crash in a third world country but by the grace of God she lived to see another day.

Where she faces her fears of failure and begins to put herself out in the world in the most frightening ways. Challenging herself in her ability to move, learning that speed is a self imposed limit. For when she closes her eyes, regardless of how fast she is going, she can fly.

Tell me how her self discovery took over two years, because calling herself a runner is the most challenging thing to admit, not only to others but to herself. Regardless of the amount of dedication she puts in to the sport. Regardless of running a marathon. Regardless of the strength she’s built. Because accepting the reality of who she is, is frightening.

One where she chooses a word to describe her entire year. About how she wanted to be fearless in 2017. Fearless in chasing goals, being honest, sharing her story, and even reaching out to the one who broke her. And when the reality of this word sinks in one year later, she realizes that it changed her entire life.

Tell me of the time she broke down the walls of her self-imposed limits. Where she started writing and opening up about the dark secrets of her life. Of the communities she joined and the way they encouraged her to chase the impossible. Of the day she finally believed she could do anything. And the moment when she realized she was, in fact, a runner.

And save the best part for the end. When I realize that the person you are talking about is actually me. And you remind me that my reality is shaped by my determination to keep going and chasing my dreams, regardless of what stands in my way.

Tell me a story.


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