Why I’m done with the scale

I am at a point where I am completely sick of the scale and the ways it is causing havoc on my life. It seems that regardless of the effort I put into losing weight I am faced with the same results. Not only is this frustrating, but I have an added pressure to get the number down and I have just had enough of it.

When did we start correlating a persons worth with the number on the scale? Since when does how a person performs in their sport have a direct representation to how much they weigh? I can tell you that I am a person who is worthy of love and kindness, just like everyone else. I can also crush the goals set in front of me regardless of “needing to get the number down”.

I am beyond sick of people trying to tell me how I should live my life. From being a kid and hearing that I need to control my weight, to being on a journey to better health and only hearing the positive comments about how much weight I have lost, I am done with this number. I am also done with people turning to body fat percentage, seeking the need to know the answers to what the scale isn’t showing. Can we just accept that everyone’s body is different? That we all carry weight in different ways? That we all have different goals and regardless of where we stand, our weight shouldn’t dictate our ability to keep chasing our dreams?

You might be reading this and start to think that I am a hypocrite. I don’t blame you, I mean, I do post photos of what I used to look like compared to where I am today, as well as sharing that I have lost 75 pounds. But over the last three years I have learned that life is about so much more then the amount of weight I can lose in a set amount of time. Its about the things I am able to experience, the way I am living, and chasing down dreams that I never thought I could do.

This is why I am throwing weight loss out the window. It’s no longer my goal. In fact, it hasn’t exactly been my goal for about a year now. I’ve spent more time learning how to properly fuel my body to be able to perform for running, seeking new goals to accomplish, crushing PR’s and getting stronger in the gym. My life can’t continue to revolve around the number on the scale if I am choosing to live in the world of endless possibility.

The only possibility the scale provides is a high when the number goes down and an extreme low when it goes up. I can’t continue to subject myself to the heightened emotions that come from this kind of cruelty. I can only live in a world where hard work pays off, my passions are driving my accomplishments, and where I am in control of how my emotions are played out, regardless of how much I weigh. For this reason, if you suggest a new diet for weight loss, tell me I need to reduce my mass, or even mention needing extra help to work towards a ridiculous goal that I myself have not set, I will redirect your thinking. If this is going to be a positive change in my life, I have to work on it myself and on the comments from those around me.

For those of you on a journey of your own, remember that the scale is only a measure of your mass to the gravitational pull of the earth. Nothing more. You are more then the number you see. You have value and worth, regardless of what others say. We are all in this to live the best lives we can, regardless of what that number says. And if you find something you love and it happens to influence a loss or gain on the scale, keep in mind that what you are gaining from your new passion far exceed the shame that comes with the scale.

Until next time
-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


One thought on “Why I’m done with the scale

  1. I went over 5 years without weighing myself and it wasn’t until I was pregnant that someone regularly checked my weight. It really doesn’t matter in this world. If you’re working on your health and fitness both physically and mentally that’s all that matters. If we’re not actively working on fitness then we’re slipping backward and that’s the bottom line. Muscle mass, weight, BMI… all are such a limited scope of a much bigger picture. It’s so refreshing to see someone focus on a “whole goal” and concept. Keep up the good work!!


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