More specifically Wednesday morning?

Like, at 6:29 am?

Sleeping? Maybe? No?

The reason? Oh, ya know, I do this thing called November Project and I think you should check it out!

Yes, I am aware it is early. That it is dark outside when you wake up. And, who really wants to workout that early? Don’t get me wrong, we all start out this way. But something wonderful is waiting for you if you chose to #justshowup

21078508_666452358835_5163624016720510083_n.jpgI don’t say this about anything. Really, I mean that. But when something has impacted me so greatly, I have to share. I have to spread the word that this amazing community of people get together each and every Wednesday morning. It’s not just about a workout. Granted, that is the excuse we have to come together, we really gather to be there for one another, cheer for one another, give a hug or high five, and make the most of breaking down the stereotype of the “Seattle Freeze”.

Over the last year, I have showed up, worked out, hugged, and formed a community. I found something that I never knew was missing. I have built relationships, found friends, joined in on runs on the weekends, gone to happy hours, raced alongside these people, and showed up to cheer them on for their big moments. They are my community, my formed family of crazies, and I love them greatly.

18058043_1145195412258996_4490467788411668617_n.jpgThey have watched me transitioned and evolved over the last year. They have been right alongside me as I have trained for half marathons, countless races on the journey to 30 by 30, and even my first marathon. Each week I get to catch up with them, as they ask about my training or the other various things going on in my life, and I get to do the same for them. My own formed community that is always challenging me to be better, for myself, our community, and the world around us.

20953291_10102390114323547_7861631732083289927_n.jpgAnd today I was reminded that this community is bigger then our little city. You see, I am about to run my first marathon in Chicago next week. I have been so excited over the last few months, but as we get into the single day countdown to the race, I am starting to panic (slightly). But today, my community came around me. They reminded me that I am ready for this. They reminded me that they are with me, even though they might not physically be there. And the people who will be in Chicago are reminding me that they will be at mile 22, right alongside our greater community of November Project, giving me the hugs, love, and encouragement I will need to make it to the finish.

This community is bigger then me and our city. It’s bigger then you. And it is willing to welcome you in and change you, if you let it. So, as winter shows itself once again and you settle into your normal routine, consider showing up to November Project.  You don’t have to talk to anyone on your first day. But I can guarantee you that you will feel the community from the second the bounce starts. And it will have you wanting to come back week after week to join the community that is waiting for you with open arms.

Find a tribe close to you or visit one next time you are on vacation. Every Wednesday at 6:29 am. Regardless of weather or the state of our country. The tribe will be there waiting for you. All you have to do is #Justshowup.

-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


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