Origami cranes 

When it comes to sharing, I’d like to think I’m fairly open. I’ve gone through things in my life that others can relate to. And the more I write and share, the more I realize that my hope in these writings is to come alongside those who are in the midst of a trial and looking for someone to relate to. I want to inspire someone to try running, encourage someone to make one small change in their health journey, or show someone that there is a world outside of the person who hurt you. 

You see, at times we feel like we are walking this life alone. It can feel like no one has gone through what we are going through or had an experience similar to our own. The reality is we are never alone and there will always be someone who can relate to what you are going through. There will be someone who is on the other side, someone in the midst just like yourself, and someone who is just embarking on the path you are on. I’m learning this more and more each day, especially as I am hearing stories from you about your own trials. 

My hope is that this little space of the internet will remind you that you are not alone and that it will encourage you in whatever it is you are going through. Life will always throw curve balls, but when we realize we are in this together, the curve balls are not as intimidating. Still changing to deal with, but not as frightening as we may think. 

I think of all of this as a origami crane. Think of the many different folds it takes to create. The amount of skill and effort put into one simple yet beautiful piece of paper. It’s easy to see the finished product and think it was simple to get there. But as you start to look into the work and effort, every mark and fold, you realize the effort it took to create is significant. Each of our own journeys is the evolution of a crane. One day we will look around and realize we are a complete crane. And in that moment we get to look back and see the work it took to get there. It’s a beautiful place to be. 

As you progress through your own journeys, think of how far you have come. We are all a work in progress, with many different aspects taking place in our lives. You are beautiful at every aspect of your journey, regardless of what you are told or what the little voice in your head tells you. And you are not alone in what you are going through. You’ve got this, and you have a community standing behind you supporting the goals you are headed towards. 

Until next time 

-Be Fearless, Go Boldly


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