Miles to Chicago

Earlier this week I announced on Facebook a new project I will be doing called “Miles to Chicago”.  In my search of the internet to find someone who is going through something similar to myself in training, I found a great amount of people trying to BQ (Boston Qualify for all you non-runners. The peak of the running world!), trying to lose weight by running, and many people who film themselves doing crossfit.

*Wait a second…. Did she just say crossfit?!*

Yes, you read that right, I have been looking into those who do crossfit and their cross-training for long distance running. Low and behold I came up with very little about people who are training for a full marathon while utilizing crossfit as my cross-training.  This is where my idea of “Miles to Chicago” came from, from the need to show what it actually looks and feels like to train for a full marathon for the first time while navigating this new world of crossfit at the same time.

To some, this may seem silly. Why would anyone want to film their training? Let alone share it with the internet?! I realized when I was tossing this idea around that I was fearful to record myself or to show what I look like while doing my workouts. Then I realized that this goes against everything I am trying to do this year, being fearless.  So I grabbed the GoPro and started recording. I kept coming back to the thought that I want to see how much I will change over the summer while chasing this goal. Last summer I trained for my first half marathon and I wish I had videos of the training to see just how far I have come. So why not do it for my first marathon?

I welcome you to watch my videos. Yes, it may be weird to watch your friend/internet stranger talking on camera, but trust me, this is going to be a good thing. Feel free to subscribe to my channel, share with your world, send encouragement, or join alongside these next few months. I am ready to take this challenge head on and see how these next few months unfold!

Until next time-

Be Fearless, Go Boldly


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